Friday, March 5, 2010

Salih's StairJam 2010 - PawnShop Mobile

Salih is getting older, wiser and definitely better all before our eyes. On his 12th birthday he held a stair party contest at the HQ to the tune of some 60+ entrants and spectators. Beckley,Huntington,Parkersburg, and Charleston once again represented and came to hold it down at the HQ. Zack Debrular to no suprise took the crown, Jake Washburn 2nd, and Chris Leadingham in 3rd. A lot went down on the stairs that day. Archie, Adam, Brennan, Blair and Booth ripped it up. Take a look at the clip below shot by Zack from Crab Orchard,WV.

We be rollin. In a 1981 Ice cream style p30 step van. That's right PawnShop is going mobile with our own shop on wheels. We will be taking this beast on the road with us on demos, cigarette, beer runs, picking up Trace from prom etc. We will be stocking it with PawnShop merch (decks,shirts,hats) along with some extras and coming to a park in a town near you! We havent had the logo put on the side yet but here's an idea of what it will look like in a month or so.Photobucket

Thursday, February 25, 2010

That new steeze!

As some of you may already know, the pawnshop is making a comeback. New boards, new ramps, additions to old ramps, new shirts, sick events, trips, and much more are on the way. We at the headquarters are planning big things, and hopefully, putting Charleston skating back the way it should be: Bros, boards, good times. That's it. I'm going to be keeping this updated from now on with the daily happenings of the park as well as other goodness which you are going to want to check out often.

I want to make the headquarters a destination for all the homies in WV and beyond to get together, forget the bullshit, and put Charleston on the map. I'll be at the park often filming the happenings and posting clips of the day to day life so make sure you get to the park to be down with what's going on. Go ahead and bookmark this blog now. I am currently capturing footage like a robot so be expecting footy within the next week. Other than that I just want to take the time to shout out two people who are helping keep the pawnshop alive: Cary and Brian. Cary has been working diligently for weeks keeping shit lined up, clean, and making renovations on the ramps. Today he did a lot of work resurfacing the mini ramp, which I think we all know needed some work. Brian has been staying motivated working on getting boards in, designs made, and other company duties. You should give these people the respect they deserve and thank them for all that they are doing for the scene that you take for granted.

Skateboarders, get involved! Send me all footage, photos, and other to be included in the blog or clips that I create. My email is Send me a shout and I will be glad to get back to you. I'm tired as hell so I will keep this short and sweet and leave you with a few photos of the day.

A trooper workin on that ramp. A hardass with a heart of gold. I once saw him rescue a possum taken from his mother. True story.
Salih was poppin and lockin on some Darryl's dance groove type shit today.

Big things to come!

Bruce, special guest steeze. Ryan Dunn beard.

Alright homies that's all for now. This blog is for you guys, this is your own Theberrics. Only less lame. Stay informed, check the blog!

Ry-dawg out.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

King Of The Hills 2009

Our first annual King of the Hills competition was a success. A couple hundred people showed up and threw down despite the 90+ degree temperature. Three divisions, beginner,intermediate and advanced/sponsored came and conquered the HQ's setup. The much heated advanced division played out with Chareston's own Salih Muhammad taking the crown. Salih proudly accepted the $500 loot , the Don Pendleton signed trophy art, decks and other swag. 2nd place in the advanced went to Shawn Potvin from Marmet,WV and 3rd went to Mike Berdis from Erie,PA. We are working toward a bigger and better K.O.T.H. for 2010 with a higher payout. Thanks to all that came out and sponsored,judged,MC'd and supported the event. (This space is reserved for info on the beg/intermediate guys) Photobucket

Saturday, April 18, 2009

PawnShop TV LIVE!!

Catch us LIVE @ the HQ daily come by say hi or give us hell in the chat. Don't forget April 25th LIVE WEBCAST of the KING of the HILLS comp here at the HQ @ 12 noon!!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Meet Anthony Rifici

Who is Anthony Rifici?


Who are your sponsors?

Reciprocal Skate Shop
Pawn Shop Skateboards

Where do you live?

Long island, new york

How is the vibe, skating in NYC?

contest are intense you just gotta go, cut people off do what you gotta do and hope there nothing in your way cause people are coming from every direction

How long have you been skating?

ive been skating for about 4 years

What do you do other than skate?

photography, chill with my girlfriend and friends

What is your plans in the next two years?

Flow or Am for a big team

What are your favorite spots?

Any stair 8+ where no body bothers you

What is your favorite things to skate?

All of it, man just love to skate

Ever run into Jason Dill in the city or any other known pros?

ha, not jason dill but ive seen eric koston, dave bachinski or whatever brandon bieble a ton

Last Words:

Live Free, Die Easy

Shout outs:

Friends, family, and my sponsors

Sponsor Me from AnthonyRIFICI on Vimeo.

Friday, March 6, 2009

King Of The Hills 2009

What started out as an in-state competition has turned out to be open to anyone that wants to come. We got numerous emails from people all over myspace asking if they could enter from another state. We're not out to bum anyone out so we decided to make it open to whomever wants to come and thrash it up in the mountain state. This is the first year of the K.O.T.H. comp and we are proud to co-sponsor this along with VOX footwear. There will be cash prizes along with tons of merch. The contest will be held at our HQ team park April 25th 2009 starting at 12pm. You must pre-register before noon so either get here early that day or stop by and sign up. If your out of state or far away you can mail in your entry fee of $10 and personal info to: PawnShop Skateboards 12507 Maccorkle ave Chesapeake, WV 25315. For more info call 304.550.1040 See you here the 25th!